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I have a 51.  I had to put tubes in my radials, The valve stems conflicted with the full hubcaps that tended to rotate and make contact. One actually sheared off the stem causing a blowout. . I  switched to dog dish hubcaps and have not had any issues since.  The radials made a huge difference in handling.
General Discussion / 1950 Plymouth Deluxe P 20 wheels valve stem holes
« Last post by ol-nobull on Today at 01:07:03 PM »
Hi.   I picked up  my 50 Deluxe P 20 this summer and have had it in the shop taking care of a few mechanical & safety issues.  Just got it back on the road yesterday.   Recently I had a set of the Coker American Classic tubeless radials installed and they said they could not install new valve stems as they did not have the correct ones. This was because the valve stem holes in the rims was not round and instead are all oval holes and all the tire shop had were the push in like most cars use.   The wheels have the mechanical ones that are two part and are tightened down by a wrench.   
What was the purpose of the oval holes in the wheels?   I see where I can order these valve stems and need to know which diameter I need.  The old ones in the wheels are holding air but I just prefer new stems when I get new tires if for no other reason than preventive maintenance.   
I am just a member of this Forum and not the POC but will be sending in the membership form this week as I can now get the engine & body #'s they want on the application form.   The only magazine I have has been one previous owner gave me when I purchased the car and this magazine is from 2011.
Thanks,  Jimmie   
General Discussion / Re: '28 Model Q Roadster
« Last post by Betty Boop on Today at 10:01:50 AM »
Thanks, Go Fleiter.

I've tried those and also MOPAR but everything seems to be against me. Archive material for Windsor built cars is pretty well non-existent to the extent that even with its original serial and engine numbers I'm unable to confirm the actual build date. The nearest I can deduce is July 1928. I know it pre-dates some in museums and is possibly the oldest original car still in regular use (fine weather only!). Anyone else out there with similar problems and / or answers?

The gearbox is ok but after all these years could do with replacement seals. It would make sense to recondition the box at the same time but I'd prefer to source a spare one to recon rather than hit showstoppers with the original unit. I have the original owners / workshop manual and parts list but guess I'll have to keep on looking, risk it or leave it as it is.

All other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks again.

We use WD 40 hoping it will penetrate after acouple of days annd applications.
If the sludge is too heavy and sticking at the stems, resist to apply
bare force: the smallest misalignment will leave the valves useless.
Than You will have to disassemble until getting straight access to the valves.

And yes, it is a pity that this once very effective and active beautiful forum could not get all the
valuable traffic back from the old patronage until today, even though technically restored now.
Good Luck!
Greetings from Düsseldorf!
General Discussion / Re: '28 Model Q Roadster
« Last post by Go Fleiter on Today at 05:18:26 AM »
this is the appropriate space to look for parts:,14.0.html

Sadly, nearly all of the patronage of this once very active forum has gone lost
because of severe technical deterioration. Now, this matter solved,
they found their places and don´t come back.


Beeing mainly for Sixes, maybe You get at least an Adress for 4- Bangers.
I´m not familiar with its structure, so I nearly don´t  use it.

The ex- members here went nearly all to Facebook.

Maybe You find help at Hemmings motor news, if it still provides a forum.
Good Luck!
Greetings from Düsseldorf!
General Discussion / Re: Introducing myself and the PB
« Last post by pb rookie on Yesterday at 11:00:44 PM »
Thanks for those recommendations, I located a hand crank in a farm machinery grave yard a couple weeks back. Once I got it home I discovered that the shaft was 15/16" in diameter, the pilot hole in the front pulley is 13/16" so a few minutes on the grinder and I was able to get it in deep enough for the pins to catch the slots on the pulley and was able to roll the engine over.

Not all good news though, two exhaust valves don't want to close.

I've been soaking them in mixture of Auto trans fluid and Kerosene for several weeks but not much headway...perhaps I'm being a bit impatient....  Any suggestions?
General Discussion / '28 Model Q Roadster
« Last post by Betty Boop on Yesterday at 01:39:05 PM »
Hi. Just registered. Where do I start looking for a spare 3 speed trans? Thanks.
General Discussion / Re: Introduction & question on 1950 Plymouth Deluxe engine color
« Last post by CHS on November 12, 2018, 02:25:13 PM »
If you look in the Plymouth Bulletin you get in the mail, you will see tech advisors for each specific car. In your case he would be David Pollock. Reach out to him and he will be able to assist you with anything you need to know about your car.
Happy Motoring, and as the late Bob Drown would say get out and enjoy your Plymouth.
General Discussion / Re: Bob Drown
« Last post by twpoulter on November 10, 2018, 05:46:57 AM »
Hi gents, this is a message I received from Josh, Bobs son that he stayed with for his last 3 months. Please if you know of other thread out there could please give me a link to them, the only other link I have is on the P15-D24 Forum . Thanks.

Tom this was so heartwarming and sad at the same time thank you  all so very much. Josh
Technical Discussion / Re: Throttle sticking
« Last post by napmaster on November 07, 2018, 11:34:35 PM »
Guys, I learned a lesson about assuming things.  I had assumed my problem was not the return spring.  Finally I went to NAPA and found an assorted set of springs, and after some cutting to the right length, my "sticking throttle" is cured.  I feel kind of like a dope.  But it sure is easier to drive, not having to pull the gas pedal back with my toe!
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