1939 P8 Convertible engine color question

Started by JerryM, March 28, 2024, 09:41:22 PM

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Some of that film has been spliced from earlier takes.
1930 30U , 1934 PE


I have my engine and tranny out for a rebuild and wanted to paint them the correct color.  Most of what I found on-line state that the engine and bell housing were assembled and installed as a unit.  Therefore they were painted the same color which was silver.  However, I did find this really cool video of the production of a 1939 Plymouth:

At 5:32 minutes into the video you can see the assembled engines, the heads look silver but the blocks and bell housings look a different shade (the video is black and white). At 5:46 the engine is installed and it looks to be entirely silver. The car in the video is a 4 door sedan and not a convertible, but I would figure all engines would be the same color.  Can anyone out there confirm the color of the engine and bell housing for me? 

Thanks in advance - Jerry

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