early brake shoes, prior to 1932

Started by dep5, March 28, 2024, 03:07:05 PM

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The wheels on the newly acquired 30U were locked up and after trying to release them manually there were still a couple of locked wheels. I winched it on the trailer and later, after removing the wheels, I found that the shoes, while oriented correctly with long lining forward (Lockheed), were not mounted uniformly in that the shoes were mounted differently at the anchor. 

Early brake shoes have a boss/lip standing up at the anchor end (Pic #1 shoe. The brake anchor support appears to be formed so that the brake shoe lip will nest into it (Pic #2 support). Some shoes were nested into the anchor and had approximately .100" clearance between the back of the shoe and the backing plate (Pic #3 clearance). Other shoes had the lip toward the backing plate and had minimum clearance. It seemed logical that the shoes should nest at the support AND require a spacer washer against the plate to fill the gap because using the lip as a spacer would create a wear point.

I searched 1929-39 parts list, the Models Prior to 1934 and a 1928 parts list and did not find any evidence of a spacer washer.

Has this subject been researched? Thanks
1930 30U , 1934 PE

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