Plymouth Belvedere 11 first production date?

Started by Sss1984, March 02, 2024, 03:56:33 PM

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The production of all 1966 model year Plymouths began in August 1965 and ended in July 1966.  The scheduled build date of a vehicle will be located on a "Body Code Plate" (also known as a "fender tag") which is mounted on top of the driver side inner front fender next to the battery.  The DATE CODE will be the first three characters on the bottom row of the tag.  The first character will be the month (1 thru 9 for months January thru September or A, B, or C, for months October, November, and December) and the next two digits will be the day of the month.  For example, a date code of "C29" represents a scheduled production date of December 29, 1965.


Hello everyone.
I'm after some historical information about the Belvedere 11 1966-67 model.

I need to find out when the first of this model was produced. So far the only information I can find is 1966 model year
. But I need to know the first cars production date. I'm hoping its late 1965 but marked as a 1966 model year.

The reason is I have built and race one here in England but most of our classic race series state the model has to have been produce before January 1st 1966.

Fingers crossed someone may be able to help or tell me where I can get this information.

I would also be really interested in any history of the Belvedere 2 being raced in the 60s but not in nascar.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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