Started by MARK DUGGAN, February 27, 2022, 02:02:15 PM

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As a fellow POC member, and owner of 3 vintage Mopar's, I am writing today to invite you to attend an annual event we organize which is known as the P15 Picnic USA.  This event originated in the UK to give 1940's Mopar owners over there an event specific to the 1946-48 DPCD years and is something that has become very popular in the past few years. Having attended the UK event twice myself it was easy to see that this was something that would go over well here in the states.  So with the full permission and support of the originators in the UK, I and several other P15 owners have been hosting this event in the New England / New York areas.  In the ensuing years, we have visited, Vermont, Maine, New York, several times, and this year we will be hosting the event in Manchester NH.

This event is held without profit. All proceeds are redirected into the growth of the event and is purely something we all do just to have an excuse to see how many old Mopar's we can gather and show off to the locals! In the process we have made many great friends and have toured some great areas of the northeastern USA.  We hope that you might consider joining us this year, please see the flyer enclosed for details.  P15 Plymouths are near and dear to our hearts, but all Pre-1965 cars are welcome.  I invite you to reach out to me or call if you wish more info, or email me directly.  I would personally like to extend a warm invitation to the local regions, and hope to see many of you there.

If you care to add yourself to our email list, we would be happy to notify you of updates and will send you a registration form when the details are completed.

Have a great spring everyone! See you at the picnic!

Photos of past events found at this link; http://www.rdusaclassics.com/p15-picnic-usa.html?fbclid=IwAR25URwFx7ZRbIyZ0H1cfTpV6_eOyGAApinqWaP6gbmL81ruECRTRr8dkZ8

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