Author Topic: I ran my 1950 Ply P 20 with very low oil... As a result, I seized my crankshaft!  (Read 121 times)

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Well, bad luck happens!
 If You don´t find a repacement engine,
You definitely have to rebuild the actual one completely.
Just pulling the oilpan will not even help to evaluate the condition of the engine
after such a serious harm!
You must consider having metal chips or other grit in the oil channels.
The engine must be cleaned completely!
Aften dismanteling, You must have all the bearing faces reworked and the cylinders honed.
Only then, You may take exact measurements to get valuable data
of crankshaft, pistons, camshaft, valves.
The surfaces of block and cylinder head must be grinded to get a true finish.
For the main bearings, rod- and camshaft bearings You will find new inserts
and bushes in several oversizes adequate to Your results. Also properly fitting
pistons should be available.
Sets of valves and guides, of valve springs, various gaskets are available too.
Don´t forget a new timing chain, sprockets (there are different specs!!).
The water distribution tube is essential for effective cooling!
So, all this requires an sophisticated engineshop and experienced personnel.
If cost control is necessary, You may strip the engine and even pull it yourself.
This all ist just what came in my mind spontaneously, so,
after such a misfortune, You need advice locally!

Reliable dealers I have best positive experience with are

There are others, and for a lot of parts You can go to Your local NAPA.
For the cylinder head gasket I prefer a  modern variety
Victor Reinz 1059 C (this is for my 1951 P23!)

Good Luck!

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Hello, all in the club...
I am sad to say that I got an engine knock that end result is a seized crankshaft and whatever else is jammed or broken up in the block... I "KNOW" I have to take the oil pan off to see what all is damaged... I have to raise it up asap to see what's the problems... Is there "anyone" that may have a good conditioned rebuilt P 20 short or long block that I could get a quote from??? Or, any figures of what a club member would charge me to buy a rebuild kit in case I have to go that route???
Thank you for any tips or ideas that I can hear from anyone that may have the time to respond...
Thanks again,