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Re: Plymouth trip to Alsace/ France
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Your posts are always fun. Keep them coming.
I hope they inspire other members, myself included. to show off their Plymouths in interesting locations.


Wm Steed

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Re: Plymouth trip to Alsace/ France
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Go, As usual great pix and story line.. I have not been to Germany since 1991, would like to go again before I'm to old to travel..
My oldest son is going to Germany, Latvia and Italia today on a business trip.. He always laments to me his regrete's that my wife and I had not planned his birth better, he was born in the states two months after we left Germany.. Of course in 1958 who could have foreseen the changes to occur in world politics.
My lady friend and I really enjoy touring in my '03 Merceds CLK 430 AMG conv.. My '39 Plym conv is great around town, however, the 430 is much better out on the open road.. Wm.
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Plymouth trip to Alsace/ France
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The west side of the upper Rhine, from Straßburg down to Mulhouse, is Alsace/ France.
Just 4 hrs from Düsseldorf in beautiful weather in open car at constant 75 mph.
This is very comfortable riding (at ~ 2100 rpm with George Ashe´s Overdrive!).
No traffic jams on the Autobahn! We stayed 5 nights south of Straßburg, Hotel choosed because of parking possibility!
Some cities (Colmar, Riquewihr, Kaysersberg) were a bit crowded- but I can´t blame tourists while beeing one :)
Some others were very calm and all are beautiful.
The Vine Route itself was very free- lots of km we were the only car to see!
At Turckheim I visited a privatly initialised Museum of the 1945 liberation of
Alsace through french and US troops in very severe winter. The very well done exhibition showed killing and destruction as usual in wars - see Syria even today!
Just see some Plymouth shots:






 Well, I did not yet know that my red Peugeot 504 would not run after
our return to Düsseldorf. So I could enjoy this blue one in Riquewhir:


I was so frustrated when I came back as it would not start, see my post:,3634.0.html
The Plymouth, as always, performed perfectly!
Fine wife, fine car, fine vine, fine weather, finec ountry- this is near Paradise!!
Greetings from Düsseldorf!
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