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Parts book oddity
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2011, 12:42:55 PM »
For years I've been convinced that Chrysler engineering used a sequential numbering scheme when assigning part numbers. And when looking at a number if it was between 600000 and 620000 I've been pretty sure that it was first used by Chrysler around the time my car was built in 1933.

This week I received a copy of the 1944 Standard Parts List from mvair. It is incredibly nicely indexed. Had the 1930s parts books I normally deal with been so well done I'm not sure I'd have spent as much time doing my on-line database. But I digress. I was surprised to see that the numeric index only goes up to part number 193460 which would imply that all the parts in it were first entered into the Chrysler numbering scheme long before 1933. But the parts list contains parts that obviously came later like all the Phillips head fasteners (called "cross recess" in the book).

Also interesting is that the lowest number in the book is 100021 which is far higher than many of the parts used on the 1928 through 33 Plymouths.

I am now leaning toward the conclusion that numbers from 1000000 through maybe 190000 were reserved for standard parts. I'll have to peruse my other parts books and see if there are "non standard" parts that have numbers in that range.

Now I just have to figure out how to fit the data from this book into my database. Not just a data entry problem but a grouping problem. My basic tagging is based on the 1928-33 Master Parts Book's nomenclature where standard parts are in Group 18 and the "subgroup" (my term) is alphabetic. This book has its own numeric grouping going up to 346 and and every line in a group is numbered so that there is a group and item number that uniquely identifies the part in the books indices. So it is yet another way to do a parts book. Sigh.

Well I did figure out how to cram the 1936-48 parts books "part type code" stuff into the 1928-33 and 1934 parts books group, subgroup schema. So I guess I'll come up with something.