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Bob Drown's 1940 Plymouth P-10 Business coupe

Bob lives in Neversink, NY, which is located in the western Catskill Mountains.

The car should have been junked, but I just couldn't do it

My oldest son Joel bought this car in the fall of 1988, it ran, but was in rough shape. We soon stored it in the old cow barn because he went in the Air Force.

When he came home on leave with orders to Germany, I told him I would buy the car, which I did, that was in the Fall of 1990. The following Spring with the help of Derrick Wilson in Earlville,NY we got the old girl machanically safe and sound, so in May of 1991 I put the Plymouth on the road for the first time since 1974. I am the second registared owner

Over the years I have replaced most of the mechanical parts of the car, did alot of body work, which I was able to learn with the heip of my good friend Tom Graham in Grahamsville,NY

My youngest son Shane painted the car for me in 2000.

The Plymouth is by no means a show car. The paint is chipping, she has scratches on her, but I drive her almost daily during the summer months, even in the winter when the roads are dry.

Bob Boyd who advertises in the "Plymouth Bulletin" rechromed both my bumpers. I am very satisfied with them.

My "Ugly Duckling" allows children to touch and sit in the car when ever possible.

One of my greatest joys about having this car is that fact that the older people will say, my Grandfather had one just like this. One lady in particular told me that her Father had a Plymouth like mine, I asked her if she wanted to sit in the car behind the wheel. She did and when she got out she had tears in her eyes and thanked my for bringing back the memories.

Dale Williams 1930 PU sedan

Dale Williams live in Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Dale bought his 30U sedan about 2 years ago. It was in very good shape for a car that age. When I saw it I had to have it.

After joining POC, Dale came across an old issue and he was surprised to find my car listed (Plymouth Bulletin #157). In the 30U registry it waslisted as belonging to a John Thillemann from WI.

Dale has been restoring the car ever since buying it and have just about got it finished. Look for finished photos when Dale is all done with the restoration.

Below is the dash.



Chester Brzostowski's Special Plymouths

Chester's first car was a 1957 Dodge Dart. Pretty much after that there was a long line of Plymouths. He has been a vintage car enthusiast most of his life but only in these most recent years that I have chosen this path by choice.

Chester currently owns a 1929 Plymouth Model U and a 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe.

He started restoration of the 48 in September of 2004 and will most likely complete the task in 2008, which will be the carís 60th Birthday. Chester found the car in a Yard Sale and couldnít stand seeing it withering away on the driveway so after some negotiation and a couple of hours work he had the car back home and the adventure began.

It was later on after contacting Chrysler Historic and securing the Build Record that Chester realized that this car and he were pretty much born on the same date. That is Mid-September of 1948. It has almost been an obsession saving this car from the crusher. Watching it slowly come back to life Chester feels that the work is important. Maybe the proximity of birth date created this bond of importance but whatever the reason, the work has made it stronger along with the car.

On September 15, 2008 Chester plans to drive this car past its point of delivery at the address of the old dealership of Duke & Cooksey in downtown Washington DC . The car can start her next 60 years of service from the same birth place she rolled into service in 1948.

Chester has done all the restoration completely himself, from the drive train to the upholstery. The only aspect that will be done by a professional shop is the final finish coat of paint.

Chester Brzostowski lives in Northern Virginia and is a member of Mid-Atlantic POC & AACA

 Steve Thompson's two fine Plymouths

Steve has been a POC member since 1983, his first antique car was a P-12. Steve has also had - 57 Belvedere, 58 Custom Suburban, 67 Valiant, and 65 Satellite. His current rides, a 64 Barracuda, and 69 Roadrunner. Steve grew up with Plymouths so they are, and always will be my favorite car.

The Barracuda and Roadrunner where the cars of his youth. His first car was a 69 Roadrunner bought in 1973. Of the two current cars, the Barracuda came first in 2004. It's a 273 , pushbutton auto, with buckets seats and factory air and is the best documented car I've had. The original window sticker shows it was delivered new to Mcconnell Bros. Motor Co. in Montgomery, AL on July 9th of 64. Steve also has the service record book with entries through 1967 and a copy of the build card from Chrysler Historical. Steve has not found any rust on the car. It had already received the new interior, carpet, and refurbished dash face when he got it. The rebuilt that engine is from a parts car he got with the Barracuda. Steve still has the original 273 engine. The only major work Steve had to do was rebuild the complete brake system, and have it repainted the original color.

Both of Steve's Barracudas.

Steve recently found this 'White 65 Formula "S" Barracuda on the internet. The car was descriped as mostly original with no rust so I deceided to take a chance on it. When he picked it up he found that the description was accurate. It is a legit Formula "S" car with the hi-po 273, auto, PS and PB and has all the goddies the Formula "S" cars should have. It does have a partial exterior repaint. The interior appears to be all original, excpet for a few small holes in the head liner. The interior is a bit faded but has no rips. It needed tires. Since it was originally equiped with Blue Streak tires, he sprung for a set and it looks so much better with those tires. The car needs just a few small things replaced. With what little work, he has been able to drive it so far without restoration. Steve expects it to be as reliable as my other two cars have been. BTW, the car took a second place trophy at the first Mopar show Steve took it to, and his '64 is happy to have a younger cousin around!!!!

The one car Steve always wanted was his first car, the Roadrunner and a year after the Barracuda he was finally able do something about it. This car is an eBay find. Fortunately, it was offered by a dealer who was only a short drive away. After it didn't sell Steve called to look at it, After making sure it was a true RM car, (not a clone) he took a test drive and looked it over very carefully. Steve wanted a trun key car and the price was reasonable for a car in this condition, so a deal was made.

The car has a 383, auto, ps, bucket seats with a center console. Overall its been a reliable car. Steve has had several people look at the car and they've all said that it appears to retain all its' factory born sheet metal, with no signs of rust. One thing Steve did was replace the Rallye wheels and radials it came had with correct steel wheels and F 70-14 polyglass tires and dogdish caps. Steve likes the plain look and that dosen't get any plainer. Steve has had some small mechanical issues and it has other quirks. It was repainted but the F5 limelight metallic does not appear to be the correct shade. Also, it should have a green interior but is now black. The work was well done so for now it will stay as is. The previous owner didn't care much if the restoration was correct or not, but overall it's been a good find. Steve thinks they are both good representatives to help the Plymouth name live on, and he is proud to do that by driving them as often as possible!

Steve's newest ride - the 1965 Formula S.

Ed in Central New Jersey has two work in progress Plymouths he wants to share.

Ed recently purchased a 1952 Cambridge. The previous owner had the started restoration about ten years ago and never finished it. It is in running condition and seems to have been very well taken care of. The Interior has been redone and the body is good. The engine runs fine and Ed just needs to get the body back together. Ed hopes to road test the car soon and Ed figures he should have it on the road by early spring 2008.

Ed also has a 1949 P15 1st that needs complete restoration. Ed hopes to get started on it after the P23 is completed. Ed will keep us posted with new photos as his work progresses.

Robert Moloch's 1933 PD R/S Coupe


Bob purchased the car about 3 years ago. It was in very good condition at that time; however, there were several areas where the paint was redone and didn't match well. So, Bob had the car repainted last year. Bob had the painter repaint the pin striping as per original drawings in an older edition of the POC bulletin.

This year Bob is doing the woodgraining on the dash and window garnish pieces. bob should be done for the 2008 cruise-in season. In addition, he is going to have a Kathy Schrack interior installed next spring. At that time, it should be very presentable. It has an original 1933 engine, but not the original engine. It runs very solid and cruised at about 45-50 MPH. According to the build card, the car was built on May 31, 1933, and was shipped to Haylar Auto Co. in rovo, Utah. Bob often wonders what adventures the car had on it's journey to him.


36 Convertible belonging to Pat O'Connor

Pat lives in Magnolia Illinois and while web photos look great, Pat describes it as definitely a "20 footer" (looks OK 20 feet away). Pat bought it in 1990, and does all maintenance and repairs himself. It is pretty much stock except for rubber fuel lines and an electric fuel pump.

In 1997, we drove it from Bloomington, Illinois to Vinita, Oklahoma and back on old U.S. 66, staying in the old mom-and-pop motels that were still open, and eating in the old diners.

Before this car, I owned a '36 Plymouth touring sedan from 1969-1990. That car was driven from Illinois to Niagra Falls, Georgia, and Kansas and back on old car tours.

Pat's first car in high school (1962) was a '47 Plymouth 4 door, which cost $15.00; license plates were $6.50 (based on horsepower), and car insurance for 6 months was $40.00 

Ping's 1940 P10 Business Coupe.

Ping's Plymouth spent its first 27 years in Massachusetts. In December of 1967 he saw this car advertised For Sale in Sheffield MA. through the Hemmings Motor News. He bought the car on the spot and drove it about three hundred miles to its new home in central Maine.

When he bought the car it had all the original paint. In 1968, he painted the sides of the Plymouth from the side chrome down, it's still that way today. Some darn good paint for almost 68 years.

As some of your will remember from the story in the Plymouth Bulletin, after owning the car for 18 years, he sold it and it was gone for 8 years. His father bought it back and had it for aproximately 10 years before giving it back to Ping. The car never left that town in Maine for 40 years and all three of the owners.
As some of your will remember from the story in the Plymouth Bulletin, after owning the car for 18 years, he sold it and it was gone for 8 years. His father bought it back and had it for aproximately 10 years before giving it back to Ping. The car never left that town in Maine for 40 years and all three of the owners.

With Ping and his wife retiring to Florida for the winter months, it this October the coupe was transported on a car carrier to Florida. The coupe has been to several car shows and has traveled a little over a 1,000 miles since it's arrival in Florida.

She is a joy to drive and it sure is nice to have the people crowd around her to tell the stories of the Plymouths that they have had in their families through the years. In the past 40 years the Plymouth has traveled a little over 32,000 miles. Ping is looking for other Plymouth Owners Club members that gather with their cars in or around central Florida, he would like to join in on your gatherings. Ping's email: 



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